Montana State Beekeepers Association

Greg Fullerton, President
greg (at) glaciercountyhoney (dot) com

2011.  Photo Credit to Glacier County Honey Co.  All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Posted by adrian osorio on February 9, 2012 at 8:20 pm

    Dear beekeepers:
    my name is adrian osorio Chilean beekeeper, 33 years old, I have study and work in beekeeping since 19 years ago, within my habilities I have many years experience in breeding queens ( cell production, fertilization, marked and caged queen) production of honey and pollen, pollination, beekeeping development and health. I hold a licence for drive truck and trailer, bobcat, forklift and small vehicles. Also I have experience in extraction, processing and storage of honey and everything relating to warehouse work. my English is intermediate (because this is my second season working in Australia) so that enhanced my skills. At the moment I am in Chile began a new season with the bees, my interest is to offer my services and i’m available for any job offert. If you are interested in my services would be very grateful your reply my mail.
    regards, adrian osorio

  2. I am looking for Jim Flake-originally from Oakdale, Ca. If you are in association with Jim, have him email;

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